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Classic Best Man SpeechesBack in early 2006 the Classic Speeches journey began. Initially it was a simple site of only two pages. A single speech was offered which could download directly from the site. Now, three years on, you can still download that very same speech for free! The site itself was my first ever web site! Needless to say, it was the most aesthetically unpleasing site you’ll ever see! Some could argue that my web design skills haven’t really progressed on much since then either! But I like to thank that they have.

From those humble beginnings I started writing a few more speeches. I had 9 in total by the time I launched my next ClassicSpeeches.com site. As well, with my research, I came across some wonderful quotes from entertainers and other public figures, so incorporated a new resource called “Jokes and Hilarious One Liners” and gave that away free when people purchased the best man speeches. The price at free simply wasn’t sustainable, so I started charging a nominal fee of about £19 per download for the speeches at that time.


Free Best Man SpeechesI continued to write more and more content, speeches, and other guides and resources. Having been a member of the toastmasters organization, I realized that I actually knew more about how to deliver a speech and “pull it off” so to speak, more than anything else. So as well as crafting a few more speeches, the majority of my time was spent on public speaking guides. So with all these new wonderful resources to give away, I decided to launch yet another version of the classicspeeches.com web site. At this point, with daily visitors in the 1000’s, and with all the time I had poured into it, I decided to charge a premium for the content… But that didn’t hinder sales… Every day more and more people discovered classicspeeches.com and decided to place their trust in my resources… And to date, over all the past years, there was only been a single person that asked to return the resources… so a as close to 100% happy customers as I think you’ll ever get!


New Best Man SpeechesThe new web site was born. And it just so happened that I decided that with all the web sites on best man speeches now popping up, that I’d go have a look at them and see what they’re all up to!  – Almost every site was offering “Bonus” resources and had speeches and web copy that were virbatum copies of my guides and my materials…  exactly the same.  Of course this really brassed me off, all my hard work and efforts be ripped and sold by someone else.  So I thought, lets give best men something every man actually likes (besides hot woman and beer… preferably at the same time too!) and so classic best man speeches was re-born again.


New Best Man Speeches

A couple of years on, and it was time to create some new material.  Speeches are one thing, but delievery and creation of a great speech can prove to be quite difficult.  Quite often you know what you want to say, but just don’t know the correct structure to deliver a speech.  So the Best Man Speech Workbook was created.  A new version of the site was also created to coincide with the workbook which is still offered for free today.


Hh2>Today, Classicspeeches.com is one of the premier best man speech services that others aspire to be.  The original workbook has been downloaded and used by thousands of people from all over the world, with a 100% success rate.  It is that good!



If you’d like to catch me, then the best way is by email.  garethb@classicspeeches.com

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