Happy Best Man Mick

“My partner and I attended her sisters wedding months before my mates big day. The wedding had everything in place the bride looked wonderful the venue was fantastic.

Only to have the speeches fall flat at the reception, and the best man speech was no exception. They just seem to drag on for ever and they were so bland I felt so sorry for my sister in-law.

Now I was absolutely paranoid I would let my mate down on his big occasion.

So I was determined to be prepared, in saying that though it is not as easy as I thought it would be. How do you put ten years of friendship in a seven minute speech.

Thankfully I came across Classic Best Man Speeches. It gave me the structure to make Bride and Groom proud. The night before I practiced with a few of my mates and they were blown away. I even helped re-write some of there speeches in future weeks. We were so entertaining the bride told me it capped off what was already the most special day of her life.”