Happy Best Man Mick

“My partner and I attended her sisters wedding months before my mates big day. The wedding had everything in place the bride looked wonderful the venue was fantastic.

Only to have the speeches fall flat at the reception, and the best man speech was no exception. They just seem to drag on for ever and they were so bland I felt so sorry for my sister in-law.

Now I was absolutely paranoid I would let my mate down on his big occasion.

So I was determined to be prepared, in saying that though it is not as easy as I thought it would be. How do you put ten years of friendship in a seven minute speech.

Thankfully I came across Classic Best Man Speeches. It gave me the structure to make Bride and Groom proud. The night before I practiced with a few of my mates and they were blown away. I even helped re-write some of there speeches in future weeks. We were so entertaining the bride told me it capped off what was already the most special day of her life.”

Happy Best Man Brent

“I honestly never thought my best man speech would be so popular. The whole speech went unbelievably well. Right from the beginning I had the audience laughing… I must admit, before I began speaking I was really nervous about how the speech would be received, but once the audience started laughing it helped my confidence. I knew then that the speech was top shelf.

The ultimate testament really was the fact that both the bide and groom thanked me afterwards.The quality of the speeches on this web site will definitely help your confidence and make you sound like a consummate professional.

Combine your speech with the other resources in the download and you will definitely make easy work of writing the ultimate funny best man speech.”

Best Man Testimonial – Paul

“I’d like to say thanks to you and your site you’ve created for all the best man speeches and assistance you have provided me. It really improved my speech and settled my nerves no end. I was very stressed about having to do my first best mans speech but I felt more relaxed reading some of your stories and using a lot of your material for the speech, thanks again.

The videos you gave to me, I also found had many good jokes in them, great delivery too.

The PDF’s you had about best man speech structure helped a lot. I wrote down a ton of jokes and used most of them but wanted to have some ‘backup’ ones in case it went bad just as you suggested. Thanks again.”

Best Man Testimonial

“Have You Been Asked To Be A Best Man And Scared About What To Say?”

“Are you scratching your head trying to come up with a structured speech, not to even mention a witty story?

Your mate is your mate and you want to be his best man but you’re no speech writer.
Well friends, if you find yourself in this position you are not alone and it’s not your fault. But from now on you do not have to worry or panic because Gareth Berry’s “Timeless Best Man’s Speeches” contains 19 of the most humorous, entertaining best man speeches to make you look like a consummate professional.

In addition you receive over 330 funny quotes and one-liners, which ensures you will have ample material to make your Best Man speech a memorable part of the reception.

I am glad I downloaded the material, it took away my sleepless nights worrying about making myself look like a goose, and it was so easy to read and follow and adapt the right speech I needed to deliver.

You should stop worrying about what to say as a Best Man and get “Timeless Best Man’s Speeches” now. You will be so glad you did.”

Tushar Joshi

Well done for  your site, I used it last week and the material and
guide were really well written, easy to follow and not too long.
I worked through it all in 3 hours (not quite 60 mins) and
managed to write a really good speech in the end.

Thanks again,


Tushar Joshi

Turtle Networks Ltd.

Roger Taylor

Dear classic speeches,

I just want to say thanks very much for your site, it gave me some great ideas for my recent speech. I am attaching a copy in case you want to use it on your site, or not, it’s up to you. Thanks very much anyway.

I must say it’s refreshing to find a site that isn’t trying to rip you off, so thanks again, and keep up the good work.

regards, Roger Taylor.