Composing Your Wedding Speech

The wedding speech is no different from any other public speaking event. These pages will show you how to craft your wedding speech superbly!

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Composing Your Wedding Speech

The structure of your speech is pretty simple if done right, and if done wrong your speech can become a complete mess.
A good speech starts at the beginning, has a middle and an end. In public speaking arenas we call this the “Opening” the “Body” and the “Conclusion”. We’ll be using these words to describe the different parts of the speech from here. But if it was all that simple then we’d all be expert public speakers. As well as having the structure, you need the words, and you need to learn how to say it too…
Now, the organization of a speech is of critical importance to the overall impact of the speech. In the case of a best man speech, this formula is exactly the same. Good speech organization is essential if the audience is to follow your speech. You must take some time to put your ideas of your speech down on paper before you start, in an orderly manner if at all possible. Remember in a five to seven minute speech you only have enough time to cover two or three points MAXIMUM! So please don’t try to write a whole life story but keep your points to just a few, and remember to include some points of relevance about the bride if at all possible too!

Your basic structure for your speech is as follows:

1. Your Opening remarks should capture the audiences attention
2. Your body of your speech should support your opening remarks
3. The conclusion should reinforce the opening and your body in a memorable heart felt way.

So lets now explore each section is more detail before we move on to some examples and tips.

The Opening:

1. Like any good story, your speech needs to have a clear opening.
2. Create an interesting opening that captures the audience’s attention.
3. Remember, that although you will have a relationship with the Groom, and the Grooms party at the wedding, the Bride is now an integral part of the occasion, a very important part that should be referenced somewhere in the opening remarks of your speech. It is absolutely necessary to do this, as the bride will not thank you if all her wedding party don’t get your jokes, or are not acknowledged during your opening words. In this respect, it is often better to say a quick witty joke, or one liner to grab the audiences attention, making sure not to offend anyone…

something like
“Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I had asked for a microphone, but one wasn’t offered, so if you can’t hear me at the back, don’t worry too much, as the silence from those in the front row will assure you you’re
not missing out on anything.”

4. Try and memorize the beginning. The impact of standing up, lifting your head and speaking to the audience will help make them feel immediately part of the wedding speech. Remember that your audience actually want to hear what you have to say. If you can make eye contact with them, then your message will be received a lot better.

The Body:

The best way to lay out the body of your speech is by formulating a series of points that you would like to raise. The points should be organized so that related points follow one another so that each point builds upon the previous one. This will also give your speech a more logical progression. You will only have time to cover two or three points maximum, so keep your stories small and straight to the point. Don’t get caught up on the detail of your stories. Set up the scene of your story, then give a sentence or two to it before tying it into the next part of your speech.

There should be a general direction in your speech, but you need not be too rigidly organized into points and transitions. Make the body of the speech a sequence of little build-ups to a climax or punch line. The trick is to try and keep momentum going with your speech. So do break down your body into one or two stories, and never deliver a monologue of past events as this will bore your audience to tears.


Once again a very simple task. This is your toast to the bide and groom. You should however have two or three different toasts to call upon as it is possible that someone else has already used your toast. And you want to end your speech on a personal and original note, so try to use a toast that hasn’t been used already. Wedding toasts are available for download on this web site too.

Best Man Speech Workbook
The complete solution to write a brilliant best man speech Write your own unique best man speech. This workbook is the solution to guide you through writing your own masterful speech from beginning to end.